Rick figueroa

for Texas


My Vision for the Republican Party of Texas

There is no state party in the country more important than the Republican Party of Texas. Our state dictates the national conversation on conservative governance, innovation, and job creation. Simply put, a strong America requires a strong Republican Party of Texas. After all, it is the efforts of grassroots leaders across our great state who work tirelessly to elect conservative leaders and push for conservative legislation that have helped make Texas a beacon of conservatism for the rest of the nation. And it is the job of the Republican Party of Texas to keep it that way.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected to be your next State Chairman, I promise to not only continue the great work of the past, but to help shepherd our Party to even greater potential in the future. To accomplish such, I present the following five-point plan as a map to help navigate the new areas of growth:

  • 1. Fundraising: To ensure future success, we have to first fuel the machine. With over twenty years of experience in the financial sector and over ten years of experience as a business owner, I know what it takes to make an organization financially successful. I understand the nuances of not just selling products, but selling concepts and ideas. If I’m elected to be your next chairman, I promise to use those skills and that knowledge to ensure our Party shatters previous fundraising levels and has the ability to operate at a capacity never before reached. This will be accomplished through the following means:
    • a. Systematic broad support- To maintain our independence and ensure we are never beholden to one specific type of donor, we must ensure that our contributions are coming in from a broad spectrum of support. From CEO’s to small business owners, from the $5 donor to the $500 donor, it is important that our Party’s financial support is reflective of the diversity intrinsic within our voting base. If elected Chairman, I will work tirelessly to make sure that our donor base is built up of Texans from all walks of life and all wings of our Party.
    • b. Fully-funded wish list budget- To ensure our Party remains the strongest State Party in the nation, we must fully-fund our budget. Rather than settling for a bare minimum budget, I promise to work diligently until we have enough money in the bank to fully fund our base and wish list budget. A fully-funded budget will include expanded minority engagement efforts, expanded youth outreach efforts, an expanded media and digital presence, and additional funds to focus on legislative priorities in the future.   
    • c. Expand Grassroots support- Under Steve Munisteri’s leadership, the RPT developed the Grassroots Club. This effort was designed to empower the grassroots to have a seat at the fundraising table. Over the past several years, it has proven to be an effective tool. To date, the largest number of active members we’ve had at one time has been 2,000. If elected Chairman, I promise to work to double that number.
    • d. Fully-developed finance team- Under the leadership of our current Finance Chairman, Thomas Gleason, the RPT has developed a regional fundraising team across the state. If elected Chairman, I will work with each of these previously identified leaders to ensure we are reaching our maximum potential in every area of the state. The RPT should not receive the majority of its funds from one or two large cities. Rather, we should ensure our financial base is spread evenly across the state.
  • 2. Legislative issues - To maintain the relevancy of our Party, the RPT must take a bold and outspoken stance in support of conservative legislation. At the directive of state convention delegates, the 85th Legislative Session was the first time the Party has taken an active role in advocating for legislative priorities of the grassroots through the establishment of the Legislative Committee. Like many of you, I’ve been personally frustrated and angry to see commonsense conservative measures that the vast majority of Texas Republicans support sit idle as the legislative session draws to a close. I don’t believe that this means we should throw our hands up in frustration, rather we should double down on our efforts to keep fighting for the policies Texas families and taxpayers deserve. It’s important that we be both forceful advocates for our values and also work with our elected officials to help achieve our goals. When Republicans join together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.
    • a. Conservative issues- the RPT must be more vocal about our values. We are about far more than votes at the ballot box. We are a Party of values and principles. The RPT must be the voice for these principles.
    • b. Expand and empower involvement in the future – The RPT must work to expand and empower the voice of the grassroots in the future. Through trainings, expanded opportunities at convention, and regular information updates, the RPT can be a driving force in enacting conservative policy.
  • 3. Expansion of the party- It is no secret that the demographics of our state are rapidly changing. In just a few short years, our state will become one of just five states in the nation with a majority-minority voting age population. If we allow the Democrats to continue their monopoly of courting minority voters, our Party will fade into irrelevancy. If we do not act now, we will lose Texas. At the current pace, it is not a question of “if,” but rather “when.” If the Democrats succeed in taking our state, it will be mathematically impossible for a Republican to ever win the White House. As goes Texas, so goes the nation. Our charge- here and now- is to ensure that they are not successful on our watch. Because of such, we must develop a robust and targeted engagement plan to not just defend our turf, but to also grow our margin of victory for years to come.
    • a. Engagement-  Engagement is my top priority. We can have all of the money in the world, but it means nothing if we don’t have the votes. I have worked with Governor Abbott’s office and the previous Chairman to develop the most sophisticated, focused minority engagement program in our Party’s history. Relying on models, data, and previous trends at the precinct level, we’ve developed a plan that targets the highest opportunity voters in the highest opportunity areas. But we aren’t just using data to micro-target voters, we are also coupling it with a relational element to ensure that our efforts establish tangible, long-term relationships in these communities.
      • i.     The “Dime” (tell me) Listening Tour is one of those relational elements. This effort has already achieved remarkable successes across the state. With over 50% of attendees at each event self-reporting that they have never before attended a Republican event, we are truly reaching a new audience. These tours have already reached over 500 Hispanic Texans, produced close to 100 new volunteers, and over 15 new precinct chairs. This effort has already received national recognition. The RNC and the White House are both evaluating Texas’ engagement plan as a potential model to roll-out all across the country. If I’m elected Chairman, I will continue to work with all levels of our Party to grow this effort in every demographic group in Texas.  This type of robust plan will not just continue in Hispanic communities, but will be replicated and rolled out in Asian and African American communities as well.
    • b. County Chairs- If I’m elected Chairman, we will work closely with the TRCCA to develop a program to empower our County Chairmen. This effort will focus on incentivizing growth in areas such as precinct chair development, local outreach, and training. We are a bottom-up organization, and the RPT should ensure all of our county chairs have the support, resources, and information they need to reach their maximum potential. This incentive program will be broken down by population segments and will operate on a points system. Each area of growth will be awarded with a certain number of points. County Parties that reach certain point levels will be commemorated at State Convention, via email, and with commemorative plaques. This plan hopes to encourage growth at the local level but will also serve to recognize and applaud the hard work of these leaders.  We have already begun to develop the metrics for success in this plan. If elected Chairman, we will be ready to implement the program by the beginning of July.
    • c. Youth outreach-- Engaging the next generation of Republican leaders is essential to the success of the Republican Party of Texas. I want to empower the Texas Federation of Young Republicans, The Texas Federation of College Republicans, and the Texas Association of High School Republicans to not only be a driving force in Texas’ political scene, but also a breeding ground for new Republican leaders. To do this, the party will supply materials, trainings, and youth summits where we will give the next generation a voice and listen to what issues are most important to them. Once we hear what is most important, we can better engage with conservative youth populations across Texas.  Also, the Republican Party of Texas, through a statewide internship program, will take an active role in identifying and training the next generation to later become staffers for political offices. Through both mentorship and leadership opportunities, we will successfully lay the groundwork for the leadership of the Republican Party of Texas for generations to come.
    • d. Results- Each of these engagement and outreach plans will be accompanied by measurable metrics for success. If fully-funded and fully-implemented, we will not just defend our vulnerable seats in 2018, we will continue to grow our Republican margins for years to come.
  • 4. Winning Elections – We must never rest on our laurels or take our successes for granted. Make no mistake, Texas is the crown jewel for national Democrats. Our state must be rigorously defended election cycle after election cycle. To do that, we must adapt to run modern campaigns and work tirelessly to win on all levels of the ballot. Today’s county commissioner is tomorrow’s member of Congress or State Senator.
    • a. Adapting to Win – Campaign technology is rapidly changing at an almost constant pace. The Republican Party of Texas must use the latest tools, in conjunction with our statewide elected officials, so that we are well prepared to utilize the data collected from our grassroots activities.
    • b. Harnessing the power of the grassroots – While technology is a critical advantage, it is undoubtedly the power of the grassroots that wins elections. Texas Republicans have consistently produced the largest grassroots army in America. Not only have we made tens of millions of door knocks and phone calls in our state, we have also helped secure victories in battleground states across the country. It is imperative that the RPT hire a full-time political director and immediately begin working with our statewide elected leadership to build a grassroots program that positions us for a dominating 2018 election cycle.  
  • 5. Accountability & Accessibility - We must make sure that there is accountability in our plan. The best way to ensure success is to measure your progress. As a businessman, I’m a firm believer in not just developing a solid plan, but developing deliverable metrics to accompany that plan. If I’m elected Chairman, we will develop clearly-defined goals for every aspect of our party. Those goals (and subsequent progress) will be made available to the SREC. The more transparent we are in our efforts and progresses, the better able we will be to work together as a unified team.  If elected Chairman, I promise to be open with you, honest about our progresses, and transparent about our processes. Our next chairman must be accessible and be an amplifier for the voice of the grassroots. You can count on me to be just that. I will always be accessible and work to foster an environment of teamwork among staff, party leadership, activists, and anyone else who wants to help us advance our conservative agenda and keep Texas red.

The Bottom-line:

As Chairman, I will work hard every day to make sure the Republican Party of Texas remains the national leader on promoting and enacting conservative principles and policies, remains fiscally responsible and strong, and remains well-positioned to dominate the Democrats on every level of the ballot in every part of the state. Together, we will ensure the future success of our Party and the preservation of the principles that have made our party and our state so great!